Climate Change Days Tour 2021

We will meet the diving community during the Climate Change Days summer tour, organised in collaboration with PADI EMEA. The aim is to engage divers in climate change data collection, through monitoring activities carried out at dive sites in some of the Mediterranean's most scenic Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). 

Participants will be certified as PADI/DAN Basic Research Diver. This training activity will be conducted in collaboration with the Research Dive Centres (locator here) that will be hosting the events. There are centres of true excellence, providing services related to diving, scientific research and Citizen Science.  

Along its route, the Climate Change Days tour will meet Sailing for Blue Life, another Citizen Science project that will support the network of Mediterranean Sea Turtle Rescue Centres.  

We invite all divers to follow the itinerary and participate in one or more of the events!



⚑ 29-30/5 - Lago di Garda - Sport Diver Club

⚑ 5-7/6 - La Maddalena, Sardinia - Argonauta Diving RDC Center

⚑ 8/6 - Rimini - Dive Planet

⚑ 12-13/6 - Portofino 

⚑ 30-31/8 - Marettimo, Egadi Islands - Blu Tek Diving

⚑ 21-28/8 - Ustica - Marenostrum Diving RDC Center

⚑ 4-5/9 - Ischia - Diving Agency Ischia

⚑ 15-16/9 - Plemmirio, Sicily - Capo Murro Diving RDC Center

⚑ 24-26/9 - Asinara, Sardinia

⚑ 4-6/10 - Brjuni, Croatia

⚑ 4-6/11 - Cap de Creus, Spain

⚑ 27-28/11 - Y-40, Italy




MPA Engage Project Partners

MPA Portofino, Brijuni National Park, Calanques National Park, Polytechnic University of Marche, Anthon Dohrn Zoological Station, Zakynthos National Park, MPA Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo, Region of Catalonia, Region of Liguria, MIO-ECSDE, University of Vigo, Association for the protection of aquatic fauna of Albania.